Wamtoco Privacy Policy
We take your privacy seriously.
1. Information
This website and Wamtoco's apps may collect information about your activity. This information will attempt to be collected in a manner that is both lawful and fair. We use your information to attempt to make our services better and to let us maintain them.
2. Other Parties
Our partners may also collect information (e.g. analytic services) about your activity. Information about your device or you may be passed through a middle-man to us in order to serve you better.
3. Information we collect
Things that our apps and site may collect include, but are not limited to:
  • A coarse location of where you or your device is located for demographic purposes.
  • Your IP address.
  • Information about your browser or device.
  • How you use our services.
  • How frequently use our services.
  • Information about errors that occured in our apps. This could include some non-personally identifiable information to make our services better.
  • Your username to certain services.
We will always attempt to collect this information in a secure manner, whenever possible.
4. Sensitive Information
We may ask for sensitive information so that you can make use of our services. Many of these services will not transmit this information to our servers, however this information may be transmitted to a third party related to this service so that we can provide dynamic content for you. We will do our best to keep this information private and secure.
5. Cookies and Device Identifiers
We may use cookies and device identifiers to keep track of your information. Many of these are core to making our services operate properly, so disabling these features may cause our services to not work as intended.
6. Contact Information
When you contact us, we may store information that is provided to us so that we can resolve issues you may be having. We may also respond back to your initial contact with us using details your infomation has provided.